Kits (young weasels or stoats) are born naked, blind and deaf. It takes approximately 5 weeks for them to be weaned, and under normal circumstances they stay with the mother for about 12 weeks. During this time they remain   vulnerable and are sometimes found if a nest has been disturbed.

If finding a single kit or group of kits in need of rescue, the first thing to do is to keep them warm. The second thing to do is to quickly contact either ourselves (Click Here) or one of the other recommended wildlife rescue centres listed under links.

IMG_4511DO NOT TRY TO FEED ON ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET THE CORRECT ADVICE. Feeding the wrong think, such as COWS MILK, can have irreversible effects.  At the early stages of development, feeding incorrect protein levels can be life threatening. NEVER TRY TO FEED A SMALL KIT USING A SYRINGE as they cannot regulate their breath and can very easily take the liquid into the lungs which will result in a slow death, as even the smallest amount of liquid in the lungs is irreversible.

When found, orphaned kits are usually very dehydrated, and depending on the age of the kit may desperately need feeding. Time is of the essence and quick action is required if the young animal is to survive. Please call 07903965281 to get immediate advice.

Saving and rearing young mustalids requires specialist knowledge as well as lots of time and hourly dedication to keep them alive. Even for those with lots of experience, saving a young mustelid is a very difficult task . If you find a kit that is in need of rescue please do not hesitate to contact us directly on the telephone number above or contact one of the recommended animal rescue sanctuaries listed. Quck action is essential for the animal’s survival.

If you are a sanctuary or rescue centre that needs any support or guidance in relation to providing specialist care for a kit, please contact us and we would be very happy to assist. Guideline notes: Here.

WARNING: Stoats and Weasels should always be handled with caution. With all but the youngest kits, remember to wear stout leather gloves as these animals will bite and hold on. The bites from adults can be severe.

For guidelines on the handling of adult Mustelids please click HERE