Dedicated to saving young weasels and stoats

8 week old Stoat Kit (c) Andrew Gray

Occasionally people find young stoats and weasels that are orphaned, injured, or left for dead. Unless the correct action is rapidly taken these helpless youngsters quickly die. With a particular interest in these creatures, we specialize in the rescue of orphaned and injured young stoats and weasels.

The treating and rearing of young mustelid orphans takes much expertise, patience, and lots of commitment, but we can provide the specialist care whenever the need arises. We can also provide emergency advice for treatment and can normally collect an orphaned animal anywhere within the UK, usually within 24 hours: Please call – 07903965281

Young Weasel (4 weeks old) (c) Andrew Gray

We always do our very utmost to provide each casualty with the best chance of survival and work round the clock to ensure they receive the best possible care.



PLEASE NOTE: These wild animals should be left well alone unless they are definitely orphaned, abandoned, injured/visibly unwell, or in immediate danger.

2 responses to “Dedicated to saving young weasels and stoats

  1. Emily Ellis-Seminatio

    Well, the little guy made it. He is now killing his own mice and turned very aggressive, attacking and hissing any time we reach into the tank. We are very happy with this behavior and hoping to get him back into the wild soon. Thank you for your response and the advice you had for me about this little guy or any that I may encounter in the future. I hope to continue my work here with wild animal rescue and may run across another in my work.

    • Hi Emily, so pleased to hear the little guy made it! Well done all round! If I can be of help in the future please just contact me again. Best wishes, Andrew

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