What should I do if I find a stranded or injured young weasel or stoat?

Please phone us immediately on: 07903965281

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can provide specialist advice and care for injured or orphaned stoats and weasels. Because speed is of the essence in saving young mustelids we also collect orphaned animals from anywhere in the UK, usually within 24hrs.

TELEPHONE : 0161 2752670 or 7903965281 (24 hour)

Please note that we are unable to take larger mustelids, such as mink, otters, or badgers. For badger rescue in your specific area please see the list of rescue centers listed in LINKS

NOTE: For badger rescue we suggest you contact ‘Secret World’ on 01278 783250 or Jean Thorpe on 10653695124. For Badger rescue in Cornwall, please contact Bob Speechley on 01736 797740.

For other British wildlife please follow the links at: